About Us

About Us

SNL Consultants is a labour consulting enterprise specialising in labour relations affecting both employers and employees. 

SNL Consultants is a brand new company established in March 2017. Although the company has been launched recently, the wealth of knowledge of our consultants extends to over 25 years in the field. Apart from our consultancy, we offer an extensive training programme for labour practitioners that are currently undergoing accreditation, which is designed to  foster better workplace relations between employer and employee parties at the workplace.

Our team of dedicated consultants is led by a dedicated and committed labour practitioner with a strong legal background, who is  both nationally and internationally recognised for her their work in labour relations.

Our vision

We see SNLC as the instrument to harmonise workplace relations for better progress and productivity.

Our mission

To provide a quality on-going service and support to our clients in the field of labour relations.

Our Values  

Honesty–we will give to an honest and fair answer to your questions even though

you may not like the answer

Integrity– we will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of each organisation and

individual we work with

Transparency– we will ensure open and transparent communications with all our


Reliability– we will always deliver on our promises

Passion – we are passionate about what we do because it is our express intent to be that instrument of reliability in ensuring  harmonious workplace relations for our clients who have placed their trust and confidence in us.


Our consultants 

Thavishan Govender

The youngest trainee member of our team.Currently completing legal studies through UNISA.Worked as an intern at CONSAWU. His field of operation is dispute resolution.

Paul Govender

Is an ex-educator [29years]. Has worked in CONSAWU both as a facilitator and victim support counsellor since 2009. Has developed a counselling and victim support programme for trade union education. His field of operation is providing administrative and organisational support.

Rene Govender

Is our head consultant who has extensive experience in the trade union movement. She has worked with and received extensive training both internationally and nationally with organisations such as the International Labour Organisation [ILO], CNV [Netherlands], CSC[ Belgium]. Her work in trade union education and action has enabled her to  work extensively in countries such as Ghana, Zambia, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mauritius, India . She has designed a training programme for trade union education while working with the International Institute for Worker Education which was used to train trade union labour practitioners within the affiliates of CONSAWU [for the last twelve years] and FEDUSA[for the last two years].

She currently heads our design team as a consultant.Her qualification are as follows:BA[ARTS],BA[HONOURS],UHDE,LABOUR RELATIONS MANAGEMENT,AND LLB.